Website templates are a lucrative business as many companies are now converting to e-commerce formats. Creating e-commerce templates, templates for websites and themes for e-commerce website from scratch is a demanding task. This is why designers who create e-commerce templates and website themes have high hopes regarding the compensation they can receive. This is why they are always on the lookout for better opportunities and platforms where they can showcase their talents and earn money. People who are searching for themes, always like platforms, where they can browse and select the best theme they want to. Selling individual theme or template might not be easy, therefore, it is important for the designers to be a part of different platforms. Some of the best platforms that can be used are:

  • ThemeForest: This platform is a very creative spot for all the designers out there. It gives the designers an excellent platform and a wonderful opportunity to become a part of the happening community and sell templates of all kinds, for example, HTML template, Photoshop template, Joomla Template, Word Press themes and Flash templates. The amount that you get paid for your theme is totally dependent on how you have categorized your theme, if the template is exclusive to ThemeForest alone, then you may get from 35% to 50% of the amount that you accrue from your sales. If the theme is not exclusive to ThemeForest and is posted on other platforms as well, then for every sale that you make you get 25% of the sale. You need to clear a small test to qualify as designer for the ThemeForest.
  • Templamatic: The site offers free signup, the only requirement is a valid CSS and HTML, the submitted template is cross browser compatible and there are no issues regarding the copyrights. The after sales money that the website offers is also much more than majority platforms have to offer. The site pays a whopping 65% of the sales that the designer has made through the platform.
  • FlashDen: This is your go-to platform of you are a flash based artist. The website offers a vast variety of Flash themes, the percentage of the sales paid to the designer varies with how highly rated the artist and his track record. Templates that are signed as exclusive to FlashDen receive a greater percentage of the profits. Designers who are looking to sell their templates on the website need to clear a test before they can start selling.

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