When you are switching from a routine business to an e-commerce setup, you need website theme and e-commerce templates. It is not an easy task as it requires a lot of efforts and vigilant search on your part so that you can find the best amongst the themes for e-commerce website available online. Choosing templates for websites gets easier when you a wide range to choose from. All you have to do is be aware of the some of the best platforms that sell these designs at reasonable rates. Some of the websites sell exclusive themes that are not available anywhere else, and some sell themes and templates from various other websites as a source. Hiring a designer to design for you exclusively might be pricier, and it is best if the budget of creating the website is not over the top. Buying from platforms that sell numerous themes under various categories can prove to be a smarter and much reasonably priced option. When you are deciding the kind of template that you require, you should be clear about the features that you want, and the add-ons that your website should have. Choosing these things before hand helps in ensuring easier browsing and quicker selection.

Below are some of the best websites that you can choose to select your dream theme:

Graphic River: This site offers a wide variety of source code for websites as well as lovely themes emanating creativity and finesse. The costs of the themes vary from the kind of theme that you select and the features that you want to be present on your website.

99designs: As the name might suggest, there are not only 99 designs present on the site. There is a vast collection of themes and templates that a person can browse from. The themes are divided according to the source language, their features, and category they might belong to. The themes are tagged, and hence they can be cross identified. The costs of each theme are very reasonable, and there are numerous payment methods.

Graphic Leftovers: The website is an incredible stop shop for you if you are looking for creative and out of the box theme ideas. The website has stringent criteria regarding the submission and hence the quality and exclusivity if the themes are maintained.

Co Swap: This website is a wonderful place to look for when you are looking for funny and interesting templates for your site. The site offers escrow services as well, and you can directly deal with the designer too.