OSCommerce is known to be the most sought-after open source solution from the many E-commerce templates. This platform has proved to be the best solution available for your planned online store. You realize that building an e-commerce website takes a lot of planning and specifications. You will need both flexibility and security in order to create an online store that is successful. Therefore, if you want to build a secure safe online business store that has a reasonable traffic, Oscommerce is the best site if you want your products to go viral on the internet. Here are the reasons why you need to choose Oscommerce to create your online store.

Outstanding customization of e-commerce website templates

You realize that every e-commerce portal is built with a desire to blow the shopper’s mind. Oscommerce has made sure that the design and development of your online store are very precise. They have ensured that both the themes and the layouts or rather templates have all the features that you will need while customizing your site. The biggest advantage of OsCommerce customization is that it has limitless options for you to edit and add extra features. With Oscommerce templates at hand, you can add whatever you want to your website.

Availability of free e-commerce templates

OSCommerce is very popular among both small and large online merchants because of the free availability of its E-commerce templates. This factor has left its competitors far behind in terms of status.it is easy and free to download, add-ons, and updates. To vouch for its legitimacy, this open source solution is being put into service by uncountable online wholesalers from all over the globe. Therefore, it is true to say that this template is globally trusted to some degree.



Easy and flexible to use website templates

OSCommerce’s has one key weakness which is the colossal requirement to adjust its attributes. Even though the latter is considered a weakness, it is also said to be one of its greatest strength as well. It is flexible in a manner that ensures a great deal of customization. Another benefit is its ability to accept numerous global currencies and support numerous languages. All the latter positivity are what make OSCommerce the most preferred open source E-commerce template generator. Other factors that increase its usability include the continuous patronage of the developers’ fraternity, ease of use and the high-security level.

Installation of the website in a few minutes

Installation of OSCommerce website is easy and therefore is completed in a matter of few minutes. However, before installation of this template, you must ensure that your web server allows PHP scripts to run. Also, ensure the servers provide you admission to MySQL databases. This open source system enables the application of inbuilt E-commerce templates.  Oscommerce also has some different payment options. Wholesalers who want to develop an online store should use the help of OSCommerce community. With it, you have the ability to customize your website according to your own requirements and specifications. Also, you will have the support of forums operated by the community.


However, like any other e-commerce templates, OSCommerce has a number of disadvantages. While they are considered as disadvantageous, some of them are advantageous to both the security and functionality of the websites. Talking about the shortcomings, there are limited E-commerce templates accessible in the OSCommerce solution. Fiddling with the style sheets ought to consume a lot of time. You will require the help of a developer to succeed in coming up with the most suitable template that suits your requirements.

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